Abilities – Crocheting 101

If you are anything like me – I like to do something and do it well from the very beginning. So when I take up something new – I usually end up quitting because I do not know all the language or the techniques.

Now a few things I have done that I kept trying to do – were the computer. I even blew up a computer trying to learn how to take one a part and put in new memory or drives. You sometimes have to just keep trying and trying.

The crocheting project I took on was something after about 20 years of not crocheting. I will keep trying and work on it… maybe spend a little less time on computer – less time thinking of food or myself.

My abilities are that I can crochet, but I have never made anything past this scarf, Christmas Stockings and Potholders.

So here is my finished first project – that I can wear!!!

Now I can start working on items for others.


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