Medical Care

I am a federal employee and I am a former military person who has been on Tricare and government medical care for many years. I have been on Blue Cross Blue Shield for about 16 years.

My husband who never goes to the Doctor or the dentist hardly – went on SSI Disability about 2 years ago. So now after two years they put you on Medicare and the kicker. If you are already on an insurance policy such as mine (Blue Cross Blue Shield) you cannot take them off and the real kicker is that you have to pay a premium for medicare and continue to pay for the Blue Cross Blue Shield policy too. The lady at Blue Cross ensured me that because my daughter was only 23 that I would have to keep it anyway, but the only way I can remove my husband is if I divorce him. I told her I wasn’t ready to do that – but I guess that was an option. Really so how instead of paying $400 plus a month for my Blue Cross Blue Shield I will pay an additional $190 dollars for Medicare premium for a man who doesn’t go to the Doctor.

My husband’s check is less because of his premium which is something that doesn’t help us either!!!

I am really venting here… but REALLY!!!!

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