Vital Parenting Skills-Listening

My friends – parenting skills, Vital skills that keep you patient and understanding of a 10 year old. Why do I write of parenting skills – because we have our 10 year old grandson staying with us and it was apparent from the very beginning that I wasn’t listening to him.

I was excited to have him here, but he was busy chatting about things I hold no interest in and when I realized that for the next few weeks I am going to hear about the games he plays and the things he is interested in… I realized that my listening skills are being homed and he is a prime part of my life for the next two weeks.

Now I admit he is a great deal easier to handle at 10 then maybe 6 or 8. He is self reliant little guy – sorry pre-teen as he tells me about “Teennick”

He is pleasant to be around, he actually is very helpful and he make up his bed this morning – grant you it is only the first day – but he is so easy to please.

We will be leaving here in a few hours for the Aquarium and Railroad museum in Baltimore. I hope he enjoys the day – but then he says to me – can we go swimming today. So I guess he has his priorities too.

As I prepare for my lesson in Mark for the Radio program. I realize that Mark may have witnessed Jesus as a small boy and relating that to the Gospels and Mark being an author of one -it stuck me that Donavin is an eyewitness to my accounts of my ministry in Christ and I better be prepared to share the Gospel with him and use my parenting skills to home into his interests and understand the workings of a 10 year old once again in my advancing age of 55…

God bless my friends – this might be topic of daily blogs throughout this adventure.

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