Taste buds and The Sugar Detox

I was trying to find a picture that wasn’t too gross of our taste buds.



This was the best I could do.

As you can see a great portion of your tough take sweets.  So on this sugar detox I have really realized how sweet vegetables are.

Yesterday we went to the wine festival and had carrots and cucumbers on our Vietnamese stir fry.  It was delicious and very nutritious.  At a food festival it was very reasonable too.  It was $8.00 for a big bowl with either Chicken, Beef or Pork.  I had the Chicken.

Then we went to the Chef food and wine pairing and again… the taste of radish and cucumbers just popped out at me.

So I wanted to share this because I think that as I keep going I’ll find that my sweet tooth is gone, but replaced with something so much better.  My real taste buds.  I also believe all the artificial sweeteners mess up our taste buds too.

I survive the day with wine and foods – morning blood sugar was 129 this morning.  So I am happy with my day and my results.  It didn’t hurt that I walked a great deal and drank lots of water.

Down 8 lbs and hoping to continue – but the real goal is blood sugar readings between 110-130.  So I made that even with a little slip.

I also have to tell you about my breakfast this morning.  I took Almond Milk, Quick Oats, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and vanilla and mixed them up overnight in the refrigerator.  It was really good.  The sweetness came out.  Now I asked Don to try it and he said it was nasty.  Then he said it is different because it isn’t hot.  Well I think it was good stuff and I’ll try it again. If you want to give it a shot.  You can also put Greek Yogurt.     

This life is a journey and this new life experience is popping my taste buds.  

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