Week 1 completed on Sugar Detox




Week one – Done!!!

It wasn’t so bad at work.  I didn’t crave anything like chocolate.  I did crave cottage cheese and tomatoes one day.  But the good news was that I could have them for lunch.

So most mornings – Don would make egg substitute with turkey bacon or real egg omelet with green onions and mushrooms.  Lunch was usually tuna and hummus, but one day I had the cottage cheese and tomatoes with my tuna.  Dinners were interesting because I was in charge of making sure we had everything to make the food.  So one night I was prepared for turkey meat balls – but forgot to get some of the ingredients.  The cook wasn’t happy. Then another night I was expecting stuffed peppers, but only had a few of those ingredients too.  So the cook has fired me from making dinners.   I can still get my lunch food – but no more coming up with evening menu.  So last night we had roasted chicken with spinach and brussels sprouts.  

So what have I accomplished in this week.  Foremost I have accomplished a well being.  I feel really great.  I have so much energy and feel human again.  I actually think my skin is looking better too.  

So here on Saturday morning – one week into this program.  1) Feel Better 2) Blood sugars are average 113-134 in morning 3) No Bloating  4) Lost a few pounds.  5) More Energy.  

So I believe this is a good path I am on.  So today will be the test – because we are going to a Wine and Food Festival.  Good news again – I can have a few glasses of wine.  I will probably have more then I am allowed, but I will be walking around a great deal.  So wish me luck on today… and I’ll post results tomorrow.


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