Sugar DeTox

Ok – Ok – I said no more talk of diets or programs – but here is one more attempt at trying to feel better.

You see – I feel bad every day.  I really struggle just to move and get myself motivated for the day.  My husband, Don can tell you that he makes me take a shower sometimes.  It isn’t depress per say, it is a lack of motivation.  Sugar drains me and makes me sick.

Don would not agree, but I believe that sugar is a controlled substance that needs to be controlled in my body.  So here goes another attempt to feel better.  Well there you go – a different angle.   I want to feel better – not lose weight or look better alone.  I really want to have energy and feel like a person again.

So here is the beginning of Day 1 of the Detox – so far – 1230 pm and I am not going crazy yet.  I do have nuts baking which will be my afternoon snack and I am planning dinner – so Don doesn’t have to deal with that.

Wish me luck and all that – but 3 days of the Detox and 4 weeks of the program to put some good things back into my diet.

No more Hershey bars, sugar or artificially sweetened things – Ice cream is probably out too… but we’ll see what happens.

I have been too busy craving these things and not working on what I should be.  My relationship with God and my life with Don.




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One Response to Sugar DeTox

  1. clstatt says:

    Hi, best of luck to you! Overhauling your lifestyle is hard work but completely worth it to feel better. My fatigue had much to do with refined sugar and also a gluten sensitivity- might be worth checking out. It’s amazing how much what you eat affects how you feel. Stick with it!

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