The Outside Box


I cannot say I love teaching, but I do love leading. I love leading a Bible Study, teaching the word.
I am not the greatest speaker, but God has prepared me to speak. I took speech classes in Jr. High and High School and onto College. Then, I was a Facilitator of workshops in the Navy and then on to future jobs where I spoke and lead in church.
Now I have started a radio program and it is really outside my comfort zone. I am happy to say that God is good and if we allow the Holy Spirit to take over we’ll overcome our doubts.
Doubt as a Christian. No doubt in the Lord, but doubt that we can serve him in somewhere that is foreign to us in the beginning. I really believe that my faith in God and my ability to serve as a leader in the church has allowed me to grow as a person and has taught me any good skills to lead.
Two weeks into the Radio program – I realize I can do better. I am using Don’s notes on 1 John to prepare my lesson for the Radio program. Don has helped me to develop and succeed in ways I never thought possible. I realize that Don is only an instrument of God’s plan in my life too.
I encourage all who believe in Christ Jesus to look and see ways to serve God that might be a little scary.
It may make you a little nervous, but trust in the Lord.
Fear is not a bad thing.

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