Radio Program – WURA



I have taken on a hand wring project.  I am a radio program host.  Right I will be famous!!!

Well not exactly.  I mean it is a Spanish speaking radio station, that has English speaking radio from 6:30 pm to 6:30 am on Sunday nights.   I did my program last night for 15 minutes and now they want me to cover 30 minutes.

I am a little crazy right.  I mean I am not a preacher or a great speaker, but I want to proclaim God’s word and here I go.

If you want to listen next Sunday, 9:00 pm EDT.  Here is the link to stream it:  

Wura –

I am excited to do this and hope that I reach someone for Christ Jesus.  It is all about his purpose and not mine.

If I become a better speaker – all the better.

Pray for this ministry and pray that I can continue to serve in this way.  I began the project on Easter Sunday.  I thought that was appropriate.   I call the show “Simple Faith.”  I believe it will show now we make this Bible and Word of Truth too complicated.

So welcome to “Simple Faith.”







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