Eating Disorders

I don’t talk a great deal about food anymore.  I do not blog about my eating or this exercise or this diet.  I have been pretty quiet on the subject of eating.  I realize that no matter if I obsess or deny myself anything – my weight stays steady.  Losing is another story.

We went out to a very nice restaurant last night – we had a little bread, I ordered a lobster salad which was very good and we ordered dessert.  I was stuffed at the end, but not stuffed to causing myself harm.  I realize that it was a treat last night and we were enjoying ourselves.

I am going to start counting my carbs again on Monday and try to lose another 10 lbs.  It is by little and little I get somewhere.  If I try and look at the big picture – I do obsess and I believe I have a eating disorder late in life.

The moral to my story is that I cannot go to extremes on either side – yet I can be drawn into new claims and gadgets.   I heard the story about rip sticks and a new exercise – may be replacing Zumba….. hitting drum sticks together while you dance or move to music.  They even make the rip sticks glow in the dark.

I can hardly find time to get on my treadmill – now I am going to spend $39.00 for a video which includes rip sticks that glow in the dark.  See why it is so crazy for us ladies who need to lose weight.

So many things including Special K, Medifast, Nutrisystem and other weight loss plans.



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