We all Have Stories

My friends – we all have a story to tell.  Some have better more exciting stories to tell.  I know that my story seems to have frills, chills and cliffhangers.

Well not exactly cliffhangers – but I want to say – that no one has a story that is unique and alone.  God has made nothing new under the sun.  God knows all and no matter if we share a part of our story in any form with anyone – it may not be the unabridged version.  I mean we may make a story sound better or worse to make a point, but God knows the story with it’s twist and turns and bumps and lumps.  

I share with very few my early Navy days, because I am ashamed  of the “true” – but without details – God used those days of wild youthful adventure to make me settle down and join the adult world by having a baby out of wedlock.  Yes that is the way we use to share the “condition.” God knows what I did with every detail, but I also know that he has redeemed me through the blood of Christ.

So if God sent his son to die on a cross for my sins – why am I unable to forgive someone who did me wrong.  Maybe at one point in my life I could feel like the victim or the wrongful person… but I choose the words in my Bible study – I am the wounded healer.  

God has used my story and my circumstances to help others.  I can only hope that others will find peace and love in Christ Jesus.  Life will still have turns, twist and bumps and lumps… but we can believe in the gift of salvation.

Praise God.


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