Looking for a Savior

I remember once in my childhood that I was really looking for direction.  Looking for a Savior in my life.  I asked to meet with a minister at church and walked 1 1/2 miles to the church to see him.  I found my way into the building and no one was there.  I remember walking through the whole facility and no one was there.  I sat on the back pew in the dark, only light coming through stain glass.  I prayed that either someone would show up or something great would happen to me.

I never saw the minister that day, or did he ever call to check on me.  I guess he thought I didn’t show or something.  No matter – that day – I learned to really pray to God and felt something powerful move in my life.

I truly relied on God in my life.  Did I live a perfect life – no I was still learning and growing.

I was looking for a Savior and I found him in Christ Jesus.


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