No matter what the future holds – I am secure in my faith and know that Jesus loves me.

I do wonder what my retirement date will be and if I’ll like my new job and am I making the right decision. I know that God has sent me to Virginia with purpose and I know I will know when the time is right.

Funny how much we don’t know about our lives, but based on faith in God we go out there and try to serve him.

I think all the fuss over the worldly things are crazy… we need to remember that Christ loved all and did not ask them to change, but provoked them with love and the gospel to change. We cannot gather people into the love of Christ with words of damnation or criticize their way of life until they commit their lives to Christ.

God’s love is sufficient and we are only the message barriers. We can bring people faster to Christ through how we live our lives and worship him.

Praise God that he knows the future and not us. We need to take each day and love him and remember his commandments.

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