Universe revolves around Me


You are born and very dependent on others for your care and love.  They have to care for all your needs.  You can only cry and cry until someone comes to your aid.  Well we are born into this world with basic needs and as we get older those needs become bigger.  Then at some point we start having wants. 

We think little of others and it’s mine is a common remark young kids say.  We try and teach them about sharing and being loving to others.  We try to teach them that bullying is bad and then as sin comes into their lives they have to be taught morals.  In my day – I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s – so morality was a bigger deal then.  I think we were taught the right and wrong of life.  Cheating and other crazy things happened, but over all we knew the way to act.

So in Genesis we see Adam and Eve living this life and God was providing them everything.  They were in direct communication with God and God was in relationship with them.  What a perfect life…it was paradise and yet.  Eve found herself talking to the serpent and she wanted more.  She wanted to know everything and be like God.  She didn’t want to be alone in her new found knowledge, so she was able to get Adam eat the fruit too.  Well then they were naked.  They were naked before that… but now they felt shame.  God then threw them out of the Garden and into the world and strife started.

Eve is not unique, we are born into this world without that relationship with God – at least until we come into relationship with him.  Once we come into relationship with God – we are in covenant with him.  We have a relationship with purpose.  We have purpose in this world, because God came us a commission.  That commission is to share in the Gospel. 

So I was born in a big family, but my sister next to me in age is 11 years older.  So most of my brothers and sisters were raised by the time I came into this world.  So in some ways – I had lots of hands carrying me and loving me my first days.  I felt the world revolved around me.  Just like you – I wanted to be the apple of my parents eyes and wanted to please.  I wanted to please many people – but it was for my benefit not theirs. 

I think the first time I thought of others was in my first decade when nieces and nephews came into my life and I loved them and took care of them.   I found worry and anxiety get into my life and I found myself looking for something of purpose outside myself.  I am sure we all get to that point.   The bad things are good to me – for they have made me who I am today.  I first found Christ when I was 11 years old.   The Bible became relevant to me when I read the verses of Psalms.   I began reading of Jesus in the new Testament and found peace in the words I read.

As a Christian we have to grow and mature and get past the universe revolving around us.   

If you have never met Jesus – read his book, Jesus is the word and the Word is the Truth.  I pray you will find the connection with him too.  That you will seek life with him and for him.  The only way to live this life is to be in relationship.  That is the most important thing and to gain that relationship I hope you will find other believers who have the same relationship with Christ.

God bless you




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