I got a secret.  It is really something that I have always believed.  SH…………

Ok – I weighed about 250 lbs for many years – yo-yoing between 220-250 for most of my adult life.

I write about dieting and exercise as an expert – who has failed to achieve any lasting weight loss.  I understand carbs and energy and how food effects you.  I understand my diabetes and how it effects my well being.  Understanding and doing isn’t always the same thing.

Most of the time I have fought the diabetes with tooth and nail – not watching my carbs or my blood sugar levels.  When I was down at 220 I had really good blood sugar readings and A1C readings.  I was 6.2 which was considered great, but since moving to DC area – it has crept up to 8 at the highest and now it is at 7.7.  I only have been on this secret diet for 2 weeks, and I really do believe it has helped to lower my A1C.  SH…………………..

Here is my magic diet.  I am limiting my exercise to walking only.  Nothing too strenuous to make my appetite peak.  Then I found this great little diabetic app “Diabetes in Check,” which is a free app.  I am not ever going to spend a big amount on dieting again!

Two weeks of using this app and walking – I have lost 10 lbs.  I know that will not continue at that pace… but I see it working dramatically in my favor.  My husband and I have stopped buying processed foods (Smart Ones, Lean Cuisines and etc.) and starting preparing our dinners, which lunches for the week in mind.  My great and loving husband gets up and makes me breakfast – choosing between Oatmeal, Egg Substitute and Vegan Bacon, Poached Eggs and Dry Special K.  So I have variety with my breakfast throughout the week.

Lunch is left over dinners -but mostly stews and goulashes.  I also take a portion of prepared chopped broccoli and a little cheese.  Don cooks the broccoli in chicken stock and gives it a great flavor.   I do have a morning or a afternoon snack – but not both.  Usually a piece of fruit.  Then dinner is around 5:30-6:00 and then I am finished for the day.  Portions are smaller and we are finding this satisfying and enough. 

When I walk – I walk to bus stop, from the train station on nice days, but the Pentagon provides a great place to walk in doors.  The E ring is 1 mile around – so that is perfect before work.

Now I have set a goal.  I want to be 218 by March 10.  That is reasonable and if I can continue to loose 2-3 lbs. a week.  I’ll be there.  You see I am at 236 already.  18 lbs. to go!!!!   I have a little over 6 weeks to achieve this loss.  I know it will be hard, but that is my goal and we’ll continue to work toward it.  I know that it actually is about 3 lbs. a week.  But here is my shshshshsh…. theory – I believe even if I get close to my goal – I have achieved what – what have I achieved – WEIGHT LOSS.  So either way… I am on the road to that number.

When you have as much as I have to lose for health reasons – this seems to be working.  I also save enough calories throughout the week – that an occasional glass of wine or treat.   My attitude is really the key.  I am feeling satisfied and not discouraged.   When I reach my final goal… then I can think about more strenuous exercise, until then – I am walking myself around the Pentagon a few more times this week!!!!

The secret is out – spread the word.  It really is rocket science….Watch what you eat, eating less then the calories you need to maintain and you will in theory loose weight. Also realize attitude is really the key to success!!!Image

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