Time is a Factor

Time is always against us, or is it!  Time is something we all share in common, yet some of us do better with our time then others.

I am not one that spends hours getting ready in the morning- I actually could get up at 4:30 and make the 4:53 am bus.  I am one that can get up – take my meds, brush my teeth and hair and dress and out the door I go.  I usually do try to get up at 3:59 am so I can relax, have a cup of coffee and pray. 

I also have lots of time on the other end of my day – because I get off at 3:00 pm.  I have several hours that I could converse with family and friends.  I can get caught up on my reading and my chores.  Even after dinner I have several hours I can read, talk with my spouse and spend time together doing something we both like.

How we all decide to use our time is really up to us.  We limit our television use by many hours which limits us because we have only Roku.  I am sure without a doubt that if we had 300 channels to choose from we would be having it on much more – at least the ESPN or Sports channels.

I get to work early enough to walk the E ring of the Pentagon.  It is about 1 mile around.  So if I did that each morning it would add to my health.  I choose many mornings to get started on the computer reading emails and 30-45 minutes of my time just flies by.  If I walk and come back I still have about 15 minutes before my day starts to get ready for the day.  Just funny how that all works.

Spending less time on my computer or at least mindless time on my computer saves several hours for me.  Writing a blog I find is something that helps me to gather my thoughts and speak to God.  Here are a few of my thoughts about time savings tips:

Focusing on the important things and doing less of the unimportant things – I find this to be a big plus.

I find the morning is the best time to clean up my task and look forward to my day’s work.  I also try to limit my work to 8-9 hours a day.  I try not to think about work outside of work.

I am not really good at this, but volunteering and saying yes to everything isn’t good either.  Learn to say no to things you cannot do.  If you fit one more thing into your day you’ll go crazy.  Say “no” – but if it is something that is really important to you – say “yes.”  Then take something else off your plate to compensate for that decision.

I also believe if you keep your life less cluttered in all aspects you’ll find it easy to complete task and overall remember where something is.  i.e. my keys, sunglasses, coat, and yes my Smartrip!

Here is my prospective of life:  God first, Family second, me third, my work fourth.



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