Mind Your Manners

ImageMind your manners – young lady!!!

You know if I did – I would be thinner. Mind does really matter… but manners teach us to be restrained from bad behavior and keep us in check.

If you eat with your month shut and chew your food, you will enjoy it more and feel satisfied with a small amount. Today is a perfect example – lunch today – we purchased two sandwiches, but when I opened only one and cut it in half. I served it with a half of a tangerine. It was enough – but before we each would have devoured the two sandwiches. Now we have a sandwich for tomorrow too. We sat and enjoyed the sandwich and it was satisfying.

We need to think more about having enough and less about this isn’t enough to sustained me until dinner. So I believe it does matter what we think.

The manners of politeness are important, chew your food, do not speak with your mouth full. Drink only after you have chewed your food. Use your napkin and put your fork down periodically throughout the meal to make the time pass so you are satisfied with your lot.

Paul used the word “content” in verse 11 of Phil. 4:10-13 This word speaks of “being satisfied with what one has, regardless of how small it might be.” Are you a contented person? Are you satisfied with your lot in life? If you are, then you possess great treasure.

Another verse speaks to satisfaction in life – 1 Tim. 6:7-8 – Be satisfied with what you have!

I today plan on watching my manner and watching my thoughts on the matter of food and eating it!!!

God bless all.

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