More Than a Case of the Blues (Part Two)

More Than a Case of the Blues (Part Two)

Well a week has past and I am just getting around to Part Two.    You see, I have been having a tooth ache for over a few weeks and finally got a little relief on Tuesday with a temporary crown, but it fell off on Thursday and once again I have another temporary crown – armed with glue.  Seriously they gave me glue in case it comes off again.  So my mouth is sore, I have so much to complain about!  Then I start to think about my Savior’s face.  Then it brings everything into perspective.  God is so good and I am ok again.  His light brings me peace.


Sometimes stress gets us!  We are not immune as Christians.  So the truth is every one of us can develop symptoms of depression.  I have been so depressed that I didn’t want to shower or get out of bed for days on end.  It has gripped me a few times over the years.  Stressful situations can give you a chemical imbalance that can cause you to become clinically depressed.  I have been on anti-depressants and anxiety medication for many years.  It doesn’t really make me different – just helps me to cope with life. 


If you are experiencing any of these symptoms – please talk with your health provider.  There is hope.

  • Extreme feelings of sadness and a depressed mood
  • Loss of interest and pleasure in spending time with family and friends
  • Significant changes in appetite
  • Sleeping too much or too little
  • Feelings of guilt, hopelessness or worthlessness
  • Inability to make decisions, focus and remember
  • Constant fatigue and lack of energy
  • Restlessness, decreased activity
  • Thought of suicide or death.

Cindi gives us some great advice:

  • Slow down
  • Don’t take on new activities
  • Delegate if possible
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Plan additional time to relax during each day
  • Don’t load your weekend with lots of housework or “catch up” activities
  • Get enough sleep
  • Eat a well-balanced diet
  • Cut out some night activities
  • Refrain from making major decisions.
  • Seek from your family and friends.
  • Most importantly – spend time with your Lord, resting in His presence, thinking about how much he loves you, being confident He will renew your strength.


Sister in Christ – love God and thank him for his presence in your life.  Thank You for making my body in such an intricate and wonderful way.  I praise You for Your mighty works.  I want to soar on wings like eagles and run and not grow weary.  I put my hope and trust in you alone.  

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