Week 4 – Day 5 Loving Others

Week 4 – Day 5 Loving Others

Focus: Loving others will become easier and more natural as I make sitting at the feet of Jesus a priority.

Scripture: Read John 15. Ask the Father to fill you with the knowledge of His love.


During a phone conversation, a friend mentioned her church has family night suppers each week. One particular evening she and her husband ate with a group that engaged in conversation with everyone at the table except them. She described how lonely and out of place she felt.

Describe a time you felt lonely when surrounded by people.


As I hurt for my friend who felt alone. I remember the words of Jesus to His disciples in John 14:2; “I am going away to prepare a place for you.” Those words are not just for the disciples but are for you too! He’s preparing a special place just for you, where there will be no loneliness, no people competing with one another, no hurt feelings – just harmony and acceptance in Jesus.

Just imagine! When you enter the marriage feast of the Lamb, as described in Revelation 19, Jesus will be there. He is saving a place just for you. I imagine there will be much laughter and music and many conversations, but the King of Kings and Lord of Lords will offer YOU a special seat, as if you were the only one there.

According to Revelation 2:17, Christ will give you a new name written on a white stone andonly known to you and Him! You will never again feel left out, unwanted, overlooked because Jesus Himself will bring you into His presence and surround you with His Love.

Read Revelation 19:6-8. List feelings that come to mind as you imagine yourself dressed in the fine white linen Christ Himself has given you to wear.

Focusing on this heavenly scene, knowing it will last for eternity helps me deal with the stress I fill face until then. When I look at my “people” problems in this light, I can get through the difficult times because of Christ’s love and the promise of spending forever with Him.

Following are some strategies that help me. Perhaps you’ll find them useful too.


Sometimes people do things that hurt us. When this happens to me, I pray, “Lord just make it not matter to me.” I have a tendency to get my feelings hurt easily. So when I am consumed with my self- pity. I pray this prayer and believe the Lord will lift the burden of self. He does!

Describe a recent situation in your life when praying this prayer would have been helpful.


If you feel your emotions soaring and your fuse lighting, remove yourself from the situation. Walking away takes determination but is well worth the effort. When you calm down you can think more clearly, and you will have time to talk to the Lord before you speak.

How often do you walk away before you blow up in the following examples

F=Frequently O = Occasionally or S = Seldom

______husband _____children

______at work _____with strangers


If you begin to feel uncomfortable in a situation, take several deep breaths. This will help your blood and oxygen flow more freely to your brain, and will help you think more clearly. You DO want to think before you speak, right?


Don’t allow negative thinking to find a home in your heart and mind. These disruptive thoughts can cause brain-drain. Replace them with something positive like a Scripture or pleasant thought.

Are you wasting energy by harboring negative thoughts about someone? Write two ways you can “spend” your time and energy on positive thinking.




Admitting you are wrong shows your willingness to behave in a Christ-like way. You model His compassion and forgiving nature as well.

Share a situation that could have been resolved more quickly if you had admitted you were wrong.

The words Jesus spoke to You are recorded in John 15:3, “You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you.”

What do you think this verse in relation to “people difficulties?”

When you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, He cleaned you up and filled you with His righteousness, He knows your personality, and He knows the problems you experience. If you focus on Him by worshiping Him, loving Him, and seeking His guidance, he will empower you to get along with others – no matter how difficult they may be.

What is God revealing to you during today’s study?

As you close today’s study, start your prayer time with this prayer:

Dear Father, Your love is growing inside me. I’m beginning to see people through Your eyes. Thank You. Keep me steady and seeking Your wisdom as I grow in my earthly relationships, I love You.

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