Pick Me!!



I never asked the teacher to pick on me, but she did from the first day she was in class.  She tore me apart and she told me I was stupid.  She poked me and called me names throughout the first half of the year, but then I was sick and had what they called back then a “Nervous Breakdown.”

The Principal and Teacher counseled by parents, teacher said to my face she didn’t hate me or mistreat me… I was taking it all wrong.  Principal thought it would be the worst thing to take me out of the school with all my friends!!!   I felt like person thrown overboard without a chance of having someone throw them a life preserver.  

That experience can burn deep into someones soul, but I can tell you.  I have forgiven her and all the others for the mistakes that were made.   I became a stronger person and God entered my life.  He was someone I could depended upon when everyone else failed me.

It gave me the desire to love God and know him better.

Today’s Bible study brought the story to life again, but it does not have the sting it had all those many years ago.  God is so good and that he uses the bad and turns it around to make us stronger.

Psalm 25:1 “I will lift up my soul to you, LORD.”  ISV

While researching the text, I came across a lyrics to a song written on Psalm 25.  I share it because it is beautiful.



Show me Your ways, O Lord.
Guide me in Your truth and teach me.
Though I may sin, O Lord,
save me in Your love and mercy.

1. Good and upright is the Lord:
instructing those who sin and stray.
God guides the humble in the Light,
and teaches them the Way.

2.God is loving, God is true
to those who follow in the Way.
Forgiving, Savior, Teacher, Lord!
Be with us all our days.

Show me Your ways.
Guide me in truth.
Save me with love.

God threw me that life saver and he gave me the good book to read and find comfort.

I shared with the Bible study today verses that make us stronger, help us to zap the bad feelings and help us to move from these moments of despair.

Here is a few for you to look up.

1 Thess. 5:16-18

Acts 17:28

Ephesians 1:18-20

Psalm 105:4

Tapping into God’s power is a choice for us, but Christian find comfort in God and love him.  God leads us to a purpose that is much higher then ourselves.  He leads us to use our life and situations to help others and show them that we can forgive and move on.  Not always forgetting, but remember only to help us to teach or to show that anything is possible with the Power of God.


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