Week 3 Defrazzler

Frazzled Moma

Ladies here is a great idea for Defrazzling your life.

This week you are going to create a detail book. Find a small notebook in which you can jot down your to – do list each day. List things you really need to or want to do before day’s end: stop by the grocery, pick up dry cleaning, call a neighbor who is sick, make an appointment.

Take a few moment in the morning or the evening before to make my list and pray over each item. My day goes more smoothly when I lift these items to the Father before I do them. Praying over your to-do list is a way of offering your entire day – even the little things – to Him.

Write this thought in your book. Lord, here’s my list of details, I’m recording things to do, errands to run, items to pick up, places to be, calls to make … all the things that can drive me crazy if each one is not committed to You! Thank You for being the Lord of my details!

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