Chase All Your Dreams – but Don’t Forget to Take Jesus with you!



Young Ladies – Girls – listen up.  I can tell you that chasing dreams can be a good thing and then it can be a bad thing.

So many of us want to be loved that we dream of prince charming.  Well no man in this would is perfect and we are not perfect so don’t think that you’ll find a guy who is like a project that you can fix.  We cannot fix anyone – only can fix ourselves and many of us fail at that.

I was young once and in my teenager and early 20’s I was chasing the dream that someone would love me, that someone would want me.  I even went as far as to marry the first guy that asked because I was so afraid at 22 I’d be an old maid….

Today girls at least go to school to get an education, in my day we went to get a husband and if that failed we could fall back on our profession… mostly teachers and nurses and a few scientist thrown in.

Girls you have so many more dreams to chase after then I did.  My hope out of high school was to marry my High School Sweetheart and live happily ever after in Clinton, Iowa.  Well that didn’t happen and thank goodness I did chase the dream of seeing something different for my life.

Chase the dream of education, chase the dream of good health, chase the dream of a good marriage and good family, but don’t chase any of these dreams without Faith in God.  God will see you through everything.  He will never dessert you or forsake you.

Here is a hint – Always look to the light and say – would Jesus want me to do this.  Or if you are doing something you really wouldn’t tell your Mother or Father… then probably not something you should be doing.  

 “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Old Lady Wisdom Here – God bless





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