Week 3 – Day 5 My Time Belongs to God

Frazzled Moma

Focus: Managing my time is a big part of managing myself.

Scripture: Prayerfully read Psalm 27. Ask God to speak plainly to you, filling you with His hope and encouragement.


For three weeks Patti had gotten up early each morning to have time along with God. She felt good about the new direction in her life. Her stress level and the way she handled herself during the day seemed different. But last week her mother went into the hospital and everything changed. Patti no longer experienced the depth of peace she had before the event. She was racing around, daily spending time at the hospital and caring for her family. What went wrong?

Can you identify with Patti’s feelings of doing things “right” and still experiencing a lack of peace because so much is crowded into your day? Yes or No

Describe a time in your life when you experienced similar frustrations.

Many times circumstances seem to fire at us like an enemy attacking. During some seasons, the daily pressures of getting things done will get you down. Sometimes extra work and duties will be required because of unexpected events as well as the events for which you plan. During these times, you may feel you need 48 hours in a day to accomplish all you need to do.

Have you ever felt like you needed twice the hours in a day to get things done? Yes or No – If so, describe the circumstance.

Circle the events that have caused you to feel especially pressured about time.

Caring for a sick parent planning a wedding

Going back to school renovating a house

Raising children hosting a party

Starting a business doing yard work

Moving changing careers

Taking a trip Other__________________________

Managing Self

If time seems out of control, it may be that you are out of control. Perhaps you can eliminate some of your time stressors. Seek the Lord’s guidance in what needs to go. At times you do not have control of time factors, but you do have control of your reaction to circumstances. Take another look at Psalm 27:3-5

What is the one thing the psalmist asks of the Lord? (v.4)

Who will keep you safe in the day of trouble? (v.5)

“Managing self” means to do what I can do with me when I can’t do anything about the circumstances surrounding me.

As you have talked with the Father this week regarding the time issues in your life, did He tell you to let go of something? Yes or No – If yes, what is it?

Have you obeyed Him? Yes or No

Are there other areas you cannot let go of but need God’s peace to get you through? Explain.

The description found in Psalm 27:5 truly speaks to me. At times I cry out to my Heavenly Father to “Come get me” and set me high above my circumstances, bringing me close to Him!

HE Father gave me a powerful visual to help me see He indeed is ALL I need as I travel through stressful times. Though I was pulled and stretched in many directions, I simply cried out to Him to restore my joy and peace – not to mention my sanity.

When my focus shifts from Him, my energy is divided and my stress is multiplied. As long as He is central to my thinking and my commitment, I experience His peace and joy – no matter what else is going on in my life.

When you keep your focus on Jesus, He fills you with a peace and joy the world cannot give.

Place a check by the desires which describe your longings right now.

o I want Jesus to life me above my circumstances

o I want His peace and joy in all the things I’m doing.

o I want His energy to fill my body so I can accomplish all I must do.

o I want freedom from self-condemnation.

o I want to enjoy life with Jesus, my family and friends.

The Father will not turn His back on the longings of your heart. Love Him, trust Him, be strong, and take heart as you focus on Him. Pray Scripture to Him. Think about Him. Bask in His love.

What is the Father revealing to you today?

As you close today’s study, start your prayer time with this prayer:

Dear Lord, Thank You for being the Lord of my time. Restore my joy, peace, and sanity. Give me insight and persistence to keep my focus on You. Fill me with assurance of Your love and Your desires for me. I love You.

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