Renewal In Christ

Today was the first day of the Bible study – “The Frazzled Female” and the ladies surprised me and 7 showed up at 8:30 am on Saturday.  God bless them all.

I mentioned renewal – what does that really mean.   I looked at Joshua 24 and discovered that every time God’s people fell away from God, there was a renewal of the covenant, we will discovered that to renew our covenant with God is to recommit ourselves to being His people, he never left us – he stays true to his covenant with us.  As individuals we need to recommit ourselves to Him, to be His now and forever; and it is to abandon and forsake everything we know to be wrong in our lives – all the idols we worship and the secret sins we cherish. 

One of my favorite things in the whole world is to eat, I do not believe eating in itself is a sin, but gluttony is definitely a sin.  So I have to work on that – because my idol is food I have developed very very bad habits that created issues for me.  I am a diabetic, have high blood pressure and am considered obese.   So every day – I have to make a commitment to God and not focus on food, but his commandments.   We go back and forth in our daily lives, progressing and then regressing into our bad habits or sins, but no matter where we are at as Christians – we must reflect on God’s Character and his Glory, he loves us as we are right now.  Loving God can force us to our knees, but He will never leave us.

What a beautiful thought of God’s arms around us and hugging us and loving us.

So renewal must be done regularly and sometimes daily.  Our desire to renew are relationship with God can be driven by many things, but I like the daily renewal idea – at least until I get my feet back on the ground and my daily walk with God is always present.

Having a relationship with God is so important, but it needs to be a good relationship, not a bad one.   The relationship must be a functional relationship.  We need to be in his word and discerning what is best for us to carry out his commands.

I believe 3 most important things to remember.

1)  Love your God with all your heart and might

2) Love your neighbor as you would yourself

3) Share the Gospel, Making disciples of all the world.  Reproducing ourselves and making disciples of the lost.

Don’t put God on a shelf, he is there for you each and every day.  Renew your heart and mind to focus on God, Love all God’s people and strangers to him.  Share the words of the Master, so we must know his word and share it to make disciples of the lost.  Creating new Christians that can do the same – furthering the Kingdom of God which is upon us today. 


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