Week 3 – Day 3 The Core of the Problem

Frazzled Moma

Week 3 – Day 3 The Core of the Problem

Focus: Determining the things God wants me to do right now

Scripture: Prayerfully read Isaiah 55, asking your Father to open the eyes of your heart so he may speak to you.

Emily managed to get away from her family to attend a women’s retreat for the weekend. As she sat in the crowded auditorium with other women who shared the same frustration of having too much to do and too little time, she heard these words. “God will not bless you in doing the things He has not called you to do.” Emily was stunned. Her life was full of good things. Could it be God didn’t want her to do all these things?

Do you, like Emily, have a life filled with doing good things? Yes or No

Check the “good things” that apply to you. Add others that are not listed.

o Teaching Sunday school

o Mentoring

o Volunteering

o Working outside home

o Leading youth

o Being a wife

o Serving on a committee

o Joining clubs

o Being a mother

o Being a friend

o Singing on Praise Team

o Tutoring

o Serving in a civic organization



I know many women who have filled their lives with too many good things! Many Christian women, swallowed up in an endless array of duties, responsibilities, and service, miss out on God’s best for them. This plethora of activity often steals their creativity, their play-time, their joy, and leaves them physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually depleted.

Do you feel depleted?


Through Isaiah, God issues an invitation to all who are thirsty, to all who are not satisfied with life, to all who are too busy to enjoy life , His peace and joy. I assure you if you are anxious, pressured, and depleted by the demands placed on your life right now. God has something better in mind for you. Too little time is not actually the problem. The core of the problem may be having too much to do!

God does not want you to do every good thing. I can’t tell you what you should do, but He can. That’s why you must check His thinking and seek His counsel in everything you do. Isaiah 5:6,8 admonishes us to seek the Lord and consider His thoughts and ways. He alone can tell you what you need to be involved in during this time in your life.

Seek the Lord

List your role in each of the following area. Skip those that don’t apply.







Volunteer work:


Reread your list and place a check by the areas where you may be over-committed. Take time with the Lord, seeking His direction. Remember, sitting at His feet and seeking His counsel are to your advantage!

After your prayer time, share what the Father is revealing to you. Are there areas He wants you to give up? Are you affirmed in your roles in other areas?

As you close today’s study, start your prayer time with this prayer:

Dear Father, I now understand the importance of seeking Your counsel in every role in my life. Speak to me. Continue to show me Your plan for my life. I want Your peace.

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