Week 3 – Day 2 More…

Day 2 More….

Focus: Making time with Jesus a priority will lessen the pressure of time issues.

Scripture: Let the reading of Matthew 6:19-34 draw your focus to Jesus and His intense love for you. Worship Him as you Read.


Betty read the Sunday church bulletin that a ladies’ Bible study would begin next week. Her heart jumped with excitement as she anticipated gathering with Christian women to study and talk about Scripture. She longed to grow in her relationship with the Lord. She wanted to experience His peace and joy in her life on a daily basis.

By Thursday night, Betty was exhausted from working at her daily job and coming home to begin “second shift”: the title she gave her responsibilities at home. Once again, she shelved the idea of the Bible Study, feeling she didn’t have enough time. She would attend when life wasn’t so busy.

Write YES in the blanks beside the phrases you identify with in Betty’s story.

¾ Longing to grow in relationship with the Lord

¾ Wanting to experience His peace and joy

¾ Exhausted from working at daily job

¾ Coming home to begin second shift

¾ Not enough time for a Bible study

¾ Will join a Bible study when life isn’t so busy.

Name something you put off because you were tired and busy.

Did you go back and do it? Yes or No How do you feel about your decision?

Treasures in Heaven

I pray as you go through this week’s study you will be open to the Father’s revelation concerning time issues. He along can give you specific guidance to deal with the “time stress” in your life.

Pause and prepare your heart to receive His message for you through the Scriptures. Thank Him for caring about your time.

Consider these scenarios:

Sue’s daughter, Heather plays soccer. During soccer season Heather’s afternoon are filled with soccer practice. After work Sue goes to watch practice. She and Heather usually grab a bite to eat on the way home.

Is that an example of storing up treasures in heaven? Yes or No. Explain.

Lisa shared this with our Bible study group. “When I walked into my kitchen at 6 a.m. I looked at the dirty dishes in the sink and then my Bible. For a moment I was torn about what do. Doing the dishes would give me a head start on my day, but I wouldn’t have time for Bible study. I decided to read my Bible; I had the most wonderful experience with God. The rest of my day went smoothly because I was filled with His peace.”

Is this an example of storing up treasures in heaven? Yes or No Explain.

Have you ever had an experience similar to Lisa’s? What happened?


Both of the above experiences could be examples of storing up treasures in heaven – depending on how you use your experience to glorify God and what He wants you to do with your time.

I can’t possibly know what’s best for you in any area of your life, but your Father does. That’s why it’s so important to talk to Him about it. You will not have more time if you make Jesus a priority in your life, but the time you have will be MORE!

More is what Lisa experienced when she made time with Jesus a priority over household chores. He gave her what she needed to complete each task. What a divine thing He does for us when we spend time with Him.

How often do you make time with Jesus a priority? Circle the number.

1 2 3 4 5

hardly sometimes every Day


Jesus speaks directly to Martha in Luke 10:42, “Mary has made the right choice, and it will not be taken away from her.” When we daily make a divine appointment with Him, we will experience tremendous blessings to deal with our daily activities. Satan will use the “I don’t have time” attack to try to keep us from Bible study and prayer. But it’s our responsibility to make sure nothing stands in the way of our time with Jesus – especially when we don’t have time!

In what areas of your life do you specifically long to experience His blessings? Underline them.

As a mother as a wife at work cleaning house

In my friendships serving others in my time with God other____________

Do you believe spending time with Him each day will lead you to experience His blessings? Yes or No


Circle three blessings you long for right now in your life.

Peace joy patience intimacy with Jesus faithfulness

Obedience Christlike love endurance gentleness

This week’s defrazzler will help you experience greater peace in your daily activities. Some women are tempted to make only a mental list. I encourage you to write the items down daily and pray over each one. One excited Bible study member exclaimed. “This is how you turn a Martha day in a Mary’s day!”

What are some truths He is revealing to you about time issues in your life?

As you close today’s study, start your prayer time with the prayer:

Dear Father, I long for Your peace in all I do. Lord, I want to do what’s to my advantage and to Your glory. Help me commit to sit at Your feet daily. Give me the persistence to do this, especially when I don’t have time. I want to experience Your peace and joy in my life. I love You.

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