Adoption and Love

Today is my birth-daughter’s birthday.

I was in the military back then and life was not like it is today.  I was a Christian, but still lost in a sea of sin.  I found myself pregnant and like many girls, I felt alone and didn’t know what to do.

I found an angel in Sister Mary Ann, she counseled me and loved me.  She helped me to make the hardest decision of my life.  I decided to give my baby up for a adoption.  I held her in the office before I signed the papers and you know – I could have run out with her right that minute-but I stayed firm and went out the door, thinking I may never know her fate.

Then 18 years later she found me, she was beautiful and I knew right off when she stepped off the plane it was her.

We are friends and because of my decision, she has a wonderful life and marriage.  She has two beautiful young daughters that are my blood too.  

It wasn’t easy, but it was selfless… and God is good.  He knew I was suffering, he knew I wanted to be free of pain.  I never properly grieved until I had my sons.  Thank you Lord for all the many decisions I have made through you.

You have always known what was best and I pray that someone today – will choose adoption if they are in the same situation that I found myself 33 years ago.

Happy Birthday daughter, I love you. 

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