Week 3 – Day 1 God is in Control

Frazzled Moma

Week 3 – Day 1 God is in Control

Focus: Focus on God instead of circumstances.

Scripture: Prayerfully read Exodus 2:1-10. Open your heart to your Father, asking Him to bless this time.

JOCHEBED and Her Circumstances

God had given Jochebed, the mother of Moses (Exodus 6:20, NIV) the gift of beautiful baby boy, yet Pharaoh had ordered the death of every Hebrew male baby. How overwhelming her circumstances must have seemed!

The mother of Moses knew God, Knowing Him led her to trust Him to take care of her child. Hebrews 11:23 tells us she disobeyed the king by hiding Moses for three months. What a courageous act of faith to place her baby in the bulrushes at the river’s edge.

As a woman who loved God and understood the yearning of her own heart. Jochebed trusted Him completely with the welfare of her child. Her faith was rewarded as God inclined the heart of Pharaoh’s daughter to save the child, making his mother his nursemaid.

Underline what you think may have been three of Jochebed’s most intense emotions as she lowered Moses into the basket.

Anger expectancy hopelessness gratefulness

Loneliness hopefulness distress weariness

Fearfulness desperation anxiety determination

Peacefulness excitement helplessness victimization

Faithfulness guilt worry inadequacy

Give a reason for each emotion you chose.




Life Can Be Unsettling

Jochebed was in the middle of an unsettling circumstance yet she trusted that God was in control. You no doubt have experienced unsettling circumstances as well.

“What causes you to be frazzled?”

Mark an X on the line – indicating how much time you have for each area of your life. Skip the ones that don’t apply to you. 0 = no enough time. 5= adequate time; 10 = too much time.

Building my relationship with my spouse


Doing fun things with my children




Showing kindness to others


Being involved in church


Being with friends


Doing something just for me


Choosing words from the list of Jochebed’s emotions, List some of your own feelings about the unsettling circumstance of TIME.

Meeting Life’s Challenges

I’m sure Jochebed drew from her maternal instincts in designing a plan she hoped would protect her baby. More importantly, she drew strength from her God who led her through a mission to protect and preserve not only the life of her young child but an entire nation of God’s children. How the Hebrew people would be blessed through the faithful leadership of Moses!

Through Jochebed’s example we can learn two important principles of time management. First, Jochebed relied on God. Secondly, Jochebed was persistent. Her firm faith gave her the strength she needs to do what God called her to do.

Place a check by the items on the last activity with a score less than 5. How many did you check? Pause right now to pray, Ask the Father if He wants you to give more time to these areas of your life. See His counsel about how to spend more time in each area.

It takes tremendous faith, discipline and persistence to manage your time God’s way. As we work on time management principles this week, be open to God’s guidance. Perhaps it’s time for you to seek His counsel about what you do with the time He has given you. Just as He did for Jochebed, He will reward you with His strength, joy and provision.

What is God revealing to you about how you are managing your time?

As you close today’s study, start your prayer time with this prayer:

Dear Father, I often feel overwhelmed with all I have to do. There never seems to be enough time to get everything done! Right now I’m seeking Your guidance. Please show me how to make the most of my time so I may bring glory to You. I love You.

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