Week 2 – Day 5 Being Positive in Negative Circumstances

Frazzled Moma

Week 2 Day 5 Being Positive in Negative Circumstances

Focus: Being positive in the face of negative situations

Scripture: Ask the Father to reveal His purpose and ways to you as you prayerfully read Romans 4:18-25.

No way! Glenda thought as she read her devotional about being positive in the midst of trails. Through a simple story, the author challenged her at the very point of her vulnerability.

She had been engaged a year ago to a man she desperately loved and longed to spend her life with. Three weeks before the wedding, he walked away pledging his love to another.

Check three feelings you imagine were at the top of Glenda’s emotional heap.

o Anger

o Confusion

o Embarrassment

o Loss of self-esteem

o Betrayal

o Shock

o Rejection

o Glad to be rid of him

Have you ever experienced these feeling or similar ones?

Did you have a difficult time being positive. Yes or No – Explain

The author received a call from a friend who was experiencing difficulty with the concept of being positive when her world was falling apart. “It doesn’t seem humanly possible,” she said, “to be positive when so many bad things are happening to me. It doesn’t seem realistic?

God does understand our inability and even our resistance to being positive when everything inside us feels negative. He knows that in our weakness we are not able to overlook all of life’s negatives and immediately jump into a positive lifestyle. He doesn’t want us to ignore the facts of the negative situation, but He does want us to rely on His power to get us through one step at a time.

Abraham was Hopeful

Based on your understanding of Romans 4:18-25 see if the following statements are True or False

Abraham believe God because everything He said was made sense

Abraham knew God would do what He said He would do even though he had reason not to believe

Abraham faced the face that his body was as good as dead

Abraham’s negative outlook got the best of him, and God did not receive glory

God continued to bless Abraham for his hope and positive attitude.

We Have a Reason to Be Positive

As Christians we have a reason to be positive. At times God may ask you to be positive and hopeful about a situation simply because He is God and He is in charge of your life.

The world says, “seeing is believing.” The Bible says that we must “trust in, adhere to, rely on God” (Romans 4:24, AMP). God wants you to believe Him first, without knowing the outcome of your situation!

Pause and ask the Father to touch your heart about a particular situation where you need His power to be more positive. It may be one you’ve already thought of during this week’s study. Submit your free will to Him, asking Him to help you take small, positive steps of obedience.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m not being negative, I’m just being realistic?” Some people think being positive is not being realistic. That line of thinking is contrary to Scripture. Just like Abraham you can face each situation by choosing to place your faith and hope in God. As you practice this, you will develop a mind that is open to the will of God – whatever that may be.

Consider Glenda who fiancé’ ran out on her. By adopting a negative attitude, Glenda might say, “My life is over. No one will ever want me again. I’m going to be miserable the rest of my life.”

By being positive and realistic, Glenda could say, “I hate that this happened and I hurt so much. I know it’s going to take time to get through this, but I trust God to restore me. He may send someone else my way if that’s His will for me. God knows what’s best for my life.”

Self-talk day after day is encoded in our mind. We can make it explosive and filled with doubt and criticism or positive and filled with hope. Here are some examples of self-talk

“why don’t I just give up?”

“God is in control. Things are going to work out.”

“I don’t understand, but I trust Him.”

“God must really be disappointed in me.”

“I’m never going to make it through this.”

“Father, I turn this over to You. I choose to believe You will take care of it.”

Can you identify with one of these examples? Is it positive or negative?

Our Part is to Believe

God sometimes wants us to mentally, emotionally, even physically back off from a situation, allowing Him to reveal his Glory as he resolves the issue. Romans 4 tell us that Abraham was strengthened and credited with righteousness as he believe God.

As you close today’s study, start your prayer time with this prayer.

Dear Father, You are speaking to me through Your love about the negative in my life. Thank You for understanding my weakness, my hurt, my frustration, I place ______________ in your keeping right now. I believe You love me and You will take care of this situation. Reveal Your glory, I love You.

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