Week 2 – Day 4 The Gift of His Power

Frazzled Moma

Focus: Exercising the power given to us by God to live a life that brings Him glory.

Scripture: Read Ephesians 2:1-10. Ask the Father to open your eyes to the reality of His power.

GOD’s Power In My Attitude

Yesterday we began to explore the availability of God’s power. We learned that as His children we have the gift of accessing His power in every situation we face, including our daily attitudes! The power available to you to have positive attitude is the same power God used when He raised Christ from the dead. How powerful is that? What’s your part in accessing this power? According to Ephesians 1:19, it is to believe.

I need to believe God for a positive attitude in … Check all that apply to you.

relationship with my husband
cleaning my house
relationship with my children
time I spend at work
trouble in a friendship
errands I have to run
helping with homework
doing yard work
being a caregiver
other ____________________

It’s not difficult to find negative things to think and complain about. We live in a much less than perfect world. It’s more natural to behave in a negative way than in a positive one. The challenge comes in choosing to be positive in a negative world. Only God can provide that positive attitude when daily living is so filled with stress.


At times I intellectually grasp a concept but I can’t quite “plug it in” to my way of doing things. I find it so frustrating to understand what God is saying and yet remain uncertain as to how to put it to work in my life. When I get in one of these situations, I ask the Lord “How do I do this?”

Write two “How do I do this? questions to the Lord.



He will always answer when you call out to Him. As you seek Him and long to hear from Him, remember to be still long enough to experience His answer. Following are some of my experiences you may find help.


Anxiety and worry can lead to an extremely negative attitude. Ephesians 2 tells us this kind of thinking gratifies the craving of our sinful nature. Negativity keeps us busy with “self” obsessions. The enemy uses these as distractions to keep us from experiencing the peace of God which leads to distractions to keep us from experiencing the peace of God which leads to a positive attitude and a life that glorifies God. Ephesians also states that because of God’s great love for us, we have been made alive in Christ. And this new life of ours is a gift from God!

Years ago, I was impressed to give a gift back to the Father, I thought of worries that were occupying my mind, producing a cynical and negative attitude, and robbing me of my joy. I wrote them on separate sheets of paper and placed them in a box, giving them to the Father for a while week. I committed to not think of these issues for a week.

Find a container or box and try this. Put your worries in the box. Write them on slips of paper.

Place a check by the sentence when you have completed your task

I have placed my worries in the worry box.

How does giving these worries to the Lord makes you feel?


I try to have a Scripture card handy while I’m waiting in line or anticipating a negative encounter. This keeps me from allowing negative thinking to creep in. Instead of focusing on a negative thought, I pull the card out and focus on the Scripture.

Share a situation from the last couple of days when focusing on a Scripture could have helped you avoid negative thinking.


When I’m involved in a task that causes me to be irritated, “praise focus” becomes a delightful challenge. I often paraphrase Colossians 3:17 “Lord! I’m tired of cleaning up this kitchen, but I’m doing this for You and in Your name, I praise You for my family who made this mess at mealtime and for a physical body that can clean it up.”

You can be creative with this. And as you focus on the Lord and Scripture instead of the “event,” you are empowered to glorify Him in everything you do.

Try thinking of a recent scenario where you could have practiced a “praise focus.” Write your paraphrase of Colossians 3:17 below.

What is God revealing to you during your time with Him today?

As you close today’s study, start your prayer time with this prayer:

Dear Father, Thank you for the gift of Your power in my life. Help me think of Your power often as i go about my daily activities. I love You.

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