Advantage of the beautiful day that the Lord has given us

A friend on facebook says:

“Here is a post I read on another site…and I think it’s something I will do during this down time….because I’ve read so many stories and they all conflict…..have a great day, everyone!

“Calling all furloughed federal workers – the worst thing you can do is fret and follow the news. Go out and take advantage of this gift – spend some time with the people you are otherwise too busy to ever visit. What I’d give to go have a play day with my grandson. But if that doesn’t work, get out of yourself and go do charity. You’ll be amazed at the lift you’ll get. Go on, do it. Let this be the last post you read this week:)”


Amen Sister, Jennie Brinkman Davis….

I just came home from a retreat that spoke of God’s hospitality… lets use this time to talk to strangers and tell them and show them of God’s love.

Here are a few suggestions to love on strangers… not so direct… but still love them.

Take and make goodies bags, add cookies, little booklets, pens, and notes of love and encouragement and put them on your neighbors door.  Tell them that God loves them and so do you.

Take the car in for an oil change… maybe pay for the next person in line – so you can show God’s love and tell them you are a child of God and you want to share God’s love.

K-love radio station always talks about paying for someone’s lunch through the drive through… do that and show God’s love by paying for 2 or 3 if you can.  Tell them that God loves them and so do you.

If you see someone needing food or a homeless person with a sign – take them to lunch at McDonald’s – tell them you are doing this because God loved them first and you want to love them too.

The author of Hebrews connects love of stranger to another biblical story. We are told, “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it.” This is a clear reference to the story of Abraham and Sarah in the Old Testament book of Genesis for they entertained strangers who turned out to be more than they expected. Abraham saw three men approaching his tents. As any good Bedouin would do today, Abraham invited the strangers to rest and refreshment. But Abraham really went out of his way, offering to wash the three strangers’ feet, and to have a meal prepared for them. The three strangers blessed Abraham and promised the aged Abraham and Sarah that they would bear a son within the year. Abraham offered hospitality to strangers, who turned out to be angels who brought him God’s blessing.”

I took a risk by writing about hospitality to strangers and you have taken a risk by reading.  Keep your eyes open to God and God is ready to show you opportunities to show love to strangers.  These strangers are closer to you then you think.  God’s love will extend to all areas of your life.


Furlough Friends, Christians everywhere…. show the love to a stranger… and love or God will reflect through you to them


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