Week 2 – Day 3 The Power of God

Week 2 – Day 3 – The Power of God

Focus: Focusing on God’s power in your life will help you grow a positive attitude.

Scripture: Talk to the Father right now, giving Him your love and adoration. Ask Him to speak to you directly as you read Ephesians 1. Seek to hear Him as you enter into today’s study.

Stress and Your Attitude

All week Debbie had been looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday. Every day she had gotten up at her usual “abnormally early” time just to get things done. Her week was filled with putting out fires – everybody else’s. People always wanted her to do something but were never satisfied with anything she did. Every time she made a little progress with her work, she had to add another item to her to-do list.

Early in the week Debbie promised God she would really try to have a more positive attitude. She told Him she wanted to spend more time with Him to soak in His goodness and joy.

However, she had an aging parent who took much of her time and a family that didn’t help with housework. By the end of the week she was exhausted and grumpy. The only thing she looked ward to was sleeping late on Saturday morning.

On Friday night, Erin, Debbie’s friend, called telling her that her husband, Jeff had to report to work at 7 am. The following day. Erin was sick and wondered if Debbie could keep two-year-old Carly on Saturday. Jeff could drop her off on his way to work.

Imagine that You are Debbie. How would you feel about Erin’s call?

If you listed guilt or self-condemnation among your emotions, you are not alone. We often feel guilty over our initial reaction to stress. Describe a recent situation when you overloaded with stress and reacted negatively.

Place an x by the statements that describe how you felt about your attitude.

¾ I hate it when I say stupid things.

¾ Once again, I’ve failed you Lord.

¾ My witness is ruined.

¾ I’m never going to get any better.

¾ As soon as I get a little better, I mess up again.

¾ Other _________________________________

Life can be frustrating; it often is a challenge to remain positive when stressors are continually being thrown at you. Women generally can handle the big things in life that produce stress. Perhaps they have planned in advance for them and realize they are coming. However the accumulation of common daily hassles often sneak up on them and rob their joy and positive attitude.

Look back at Debbie’s story. Underline the events that could contribute to a negative attitude. How do you think these events affected her attitude?

What things are accumulating in your life that negatively affects your attitude?

God’s Power is Available

Debbie talked to God about her attitude. Aware that she needed to improve in this area, she promised Him to do so. She also longed to spend more time with Him and planned to make this happen. Her plan, however, rested in her own strength, resulting in major frustration!

Have you ever told God you wanted to “do better”?

Did you have difficulty with your “do better” plan?

Why do you think people often have difficulty “doing better”?

Even believers tend to forget it is the power of Jesus Christ living within us that enables us to become more Christ like. In Ephesians Paul prayed for those struggling Christians to realize the hope they have in Jesus.

Read Ephesians 1:20 – “He demonstrated this power in the Messiah by raising Him from the dead and seating Him at His right hand in the heavens.”

The power available to me is the same power God exerted in the ____________________ by

__________ Him from the __________________! Read Ephesians 1:20 again. This same power is available to us to deal with other people, situations, and ourselves!

Spend the remainder of today’s study time relaxing in the Lord. Meditate on the verses in Ephesians 1, focusing on this mighty power that is already yours as the daughter of your Father. Think of areas in your life where you want to begin to exercise God’s power so your attitude may become more like the attitude of Christ. After you’ve had time to consider what the Father is revealing to you, make some notes about it. You may want to think about this mighty power throughout the day and record your findings later.

Dear Father, in my efforts to have a positive attitude, I fail miserably. Help me to love myself even when I feel guilty for not being more like You. Remind me that Your power is available to me to do all the things that often trigger a rotten attitude. I long to be more like You. Cleanse me and empower me with Your love. I love You.

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