Week 2 – Day 2 You Become What You Think

Frazzled Moma

Week 2 – Day 2

You Become What You Think

Focus: Dwelling on positive thoughts will help you become positive.

Scripture: Spend a few minutes with the Father, asking Him to bless your time today. Attentively read Philippians 4:4-9.

Yesterday we focused on moving a positive direction by listening to you and obeying God. Hopefully you have identified areas in your life where you could be more positive. Do you see any of these areas in the list below. If so, place a check by them.

I need to be more positive:

Ÿ Wife

Ÿ Mother

Ÿ Daughter

Ÿ Coworker

Ÿ Friend

Ÿ Other

Write the negative attitude(s) you need to get rid of in the blank area.

Your Defrazzler this week will help you become more positive. Have you chosen your “fasting attitude”? If not, do so now and complete the following.

I’ve chosen to take a fast on __________________________________________

Why? ______________________________________________________________

How will your life be better by taking this fast? ______________________________________________

Replace the Negative with a Positive

When we toss out that negative attitude we have to put something in its place. With what should we replace it? We find the answer in Philippians 4:8.

When we spend time meditating on the Word, we are taking hold of the supernatural power of God. The benefits we gain by sitting at the feet of Jesus and spending time in His written Word are totally indescribable! So don’t rush through your devotional time.

Reflect on the words of Philippians 4:8. Underline the phrases listed below that ought to fill our minds.

A godly relationship Scripture your dirty house

Beauty found in nature your lack of faith praise

A broken relationship how rotten you feel celebration

A special time spent with God Christian music your blessings

A dream God has given to you your inadequacy a past sin

It Starts in the Mind

Are you beginning to understand how important it is to think positively? If you dwell on negative things, you will spout negative words and have negative facial expressions and body gestures. You can’t think negatively and expect to act positively.

Let’s explore this concept a little further. To become the positive person God wants you to be you must first examine your negative thinking. Polling the general frazzled female audience of extremely busy women, I’ve collected a sampling of negative thoughts.

Check by any of these thoughts with which you identify.

o I can’t stand going home to a messy house after I work hard all day

o Thinking about cooking tonight makes me irritable

o If only my husband would help out with the kids

o Washington, cleaning, cooking, organizing … I never get any thanks

o This job stinks. I wish I could do something I like.

o Life is just on BIG chore after another

o My children don’t do a thing to help around the house

o I’m tired of everyday else having a good time while I have to work around the house after working all day away from home.

o There’s never enough time for me

o All they do is talk. Why don’t they get to work?

o If she weren’t such a busy-body she’d get more done.

o My husband never pays attention to me.

o Other ____________________________

All of these may be reality for you. You may feel that many situations in your life have “created” your bad attitude. Before feeling justified in your negative thinking, take a look at what Paul (who was in prison at the time of this writing) says in divinely-breathed Scripture.

Place an R by each item on the negative thoughts list in which Philippians 4:4 tells us to rejoice.

If you placed R beside each statement, then you have the idea. According to Scripture, it’s not a suggestion but a command to rejoice in the midst of all things. It won’t happen overnight, but with determination you will gradually become more positive. With that movement of obedience comes God’s grace, His blessing, and a positive attitude!!!

We’ll continue to explore positive attitude building strategies this week. As we close today’s study look back at verse 8 and the notes you took as you reviewed that verse. To help you practice dwelling on these things write:

A pure thought: _______________________________________________

A lovely thought: __________________________________

A praiseworthy thought: _______________________________________________________

As you close today’s study, start your prayer time with this prayer:

Dear Father, I want Your thoughts to become my thoughts. I want Your words to become my words. Help me dwell on Your thoughts today, no matter what comes my way. I love You.

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