Week 2 – Day 1 A Positive Beginning

Frazzled Moma

Week 2 – Day 1

A Positive Beginning

Focus: Listening to God will help you be positive.

Scripture: Begin today’ study by giving this time to the Lord. Ask Him to speak to your heart as you read Genesis 12:1-9.

When God told Abraham to set out for a new land. Abraham chose to listen. He also chose to be positive about God’s direction for his life. Abraham’s obedience in his attitude and in his behavior caused him to be uprooted from his familiar way of life yet led him to discover God’s greatness. He chose to trust even when God’s promises seemed impossible to believe. Abraham sometimes strayed from the path by trying to work things out his way, but he continued to listen and be obedient as God called for his trust.

You have a Choice

God called Abraham to leave his home and family and go to a foreign country. Abraham must have experience some intense emotions!

Place a check by the statements describing how Abraham may have felt.

Ÿ He was pleased God asked him to do such an exciting thing

Ÿ Leaving most of his family behind made him extremely sad.

Ÿ Doubts filled his mind as he wondered if he had heard God correctly.

Ÿ He was afraid and felt very insecure.

Ÿ H was afraid of what people might think if he did such a crazy thing.

Ÿ Although he didn’t understand God’s plan, he chose to trust Him.

Think of a time God asked you to do something difficult or risky. Underline the words or phrases that describe how you felt.

Afraid worried about the outcome

Doubtful wondering why God asked me to do such a thing

Impatient preoccupied with what others might think

Hesitant wanting to be obedient but feeling inadequate

Anxious other _____________________________

Probably nothing in God’s plan made sense to Abraham in the beginning. Perhaps that’s how you felt when God asked you to step out of your comfort zone. However, in going with God Abraham headed in a positive direction. Anytime you listen to God and obey His words you are moving in a positive direction.

Abraham Made Positive Choices

“[He] went, as the Lord had told him” (Gen 12:4). Being obedient to the Lord is a sure way to move in a positive direction. Like Abraham’s experience, your obedience might involve some difficult “moves” on your part. But any discomfort you experience will eventually lead you to God’s blessings.

Describe a time you felt God telling you to do something difficult, but you did it out of obedience to Him. How did God bless your obedience?

As Abraham continued his journey of obedience, the Lord continued to reveal Himself and His plan. Abraham, in turn, worshipped God. “[Abraham] built an altar there to the Lord” (Gen 12:7). As you grow in your walk with the Lord and gradually develop a lifestyle of listening to Him and obeying Him, remember to worship Him along the way. Worship is an integral part of developing a positive lifestyle. We can rejoice in the truth of Jeremiah 29:11!

Pause and worship your Heavenly Father. Thank Him for taking care of you and giving you a future with Him.

Seeking God’s direction in every part of life will help us become and remain positive. The more time we spend with Him, the more positive we will become!!!

In which of the following areas do you need God’s direction to become more positive? Check all that apply

Ÿ Attitude

Ÿ Behavior

Ÿ Housework

Ÿ Relationship with _____ husband ___ children ___ friend ____ coworker

Ÿ Other

Being positive involves more than what we think about. For the Christian a positive attitude encompasses out whole being. We become positive by listening to God, obediently following His directions, continually worshipping Him, and seeking His guidance.

What is God revealing to you about becoming a more positive person?



As you close today’s study, start your prayer time with this prayer:

Dear Father, I want to be more positive. Please make me aware of those times when I say things and act in ways that are not pleasing to You. Teach me to express myself in ways that truly bring You glory. Cleanse me from negative thinking and infuse me with your joy. I love you.

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