Week 1 – Day 2 The Journey of Intimacy

Day 2 – Focus on and think about sitting at the feet of Jesus. Prayerfully review Luke 10:38-42.

Have you ever felt that identifying with Mary is unrealistic for you? Explain.

Cindi Wood defines it as being preoccupied with God. Each day I pull back from all other responsibilities and sit quietly with Him. Most of the time this is early in the morning when I begin my day. I read my Bible, sing softly to Him, talk to Him about what’s in store for me that day, and pray for my needs and the needs of others. She goes on to say – she ask God to accompany her on errands and drive around town with her. She invites him to become involved in every detail of her life.

Cathy Merritt is experiencing this move to Washington, DC all alone, but yet never a lone always with God – I have invited God to go with me on this trip and it has made the time of waiting much more bearable.

Reread Luke 10:38-42 and answer the following (T) or (F)

Martha opened her home to Jesus ____
Martha continued to enjoy His company before going about her duties. _____
Jesus pleaded with Martha to sit with Him. _______
Martha became distracted with everything that had to be done while Mary sat at the feet of Jesus . _____
Jesus rebuked Mary for not helping Martha. ______

Do you ever welcome Jesus into your ‘home’, but then quickly get distracted?

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