Retreat at Camp Wamava

My church is in Springfield, Virginia and I love the facility, I love the people and I am excited about the retreat we are having next weekend.

I am excited I have been coordinating the retreat and trying to get individuals enthused about coming.  The speaker, Fred Liggins is a Pastor of a Christian Church in Williamsburg, Va and after reading his blog:

I am encouraged because our church in Milan, IL is growing and it is relevant in the mission of God.  We are commanded to make disciples.  We are to take an mentor others and make them into mature Christians that get it!! What do they need to get… “That It Isn’t All About Them.”    

Our relationship with God is to be in relationship with God and to love him with all our heart and soul, love our neighbors and he commands us to spread the Gospel to the world.

So I want to be an instrument for God and share the Gospel and joy that I have found in being a disciple of Christ.  God provides us with all the tools we need to serve him.  We are never alone.  We can shout and praise him, or we can write a blog like this, but the best way to bring others to Christ, is to be like Christ and have people see that in us.

Lead by example.  So here I am… trying to get involved in this church and wanting to see the church be relevant to bring unchurched in through our doors.  We need to think about how a stranger or a person that doesn’t know Christ would feel like about our church.

So anyone that by chance reads my blog this week… Please pray for us and the mission of the retreat is “Community.”  But I feel like my mission is to share the Gospel where I can and show the light of Christ in the path of my life.



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