Further Instruction – Colossians 4:2-6

Devote yourself to praying and being watchful and thankful in all things, pray for us, too, that God may open doors for the message and that we proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which we are in bondage. Pray that I proclaim the message clearly and be wise in the way that we act toward strangers, make the most of every opportunity, Let all our conversations be full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.

The message of Christ is for all nations, all societies and whatever position you are in. I am only a Secretary and yet I can carry the message to others through my actions and also my words. My blog is an instrument for me to carry God’s message to anyone who will listen and is open to the word.

You see, I may not have a degree in theology, but I have the Holy Spirit that guides me and teaches me. I also spend my daily prayer and time in scriptures important. Paul was in prison and yet all he could think and pray about is the gospel and that it go out effectively. Can we do the same?

These verses are about what we do with the gifts, resources and opportunities God has put at our disposal. Paul’s concerns were that the church would begin to look inward and unconcerned with other churches or opportunities to spread the Gospel of Christ.

I have seen churches that are more concern with their Church body then outsiders and unchurched people coming to Christ. Churches who do not proclaim baptism as part of the service, because members will complain that the service is too long, so they do baptism out of the church service. Concerns that music must be of the purist sense without instruments, when God’s message is really to seek the lost and how do we do that in a culture that expresses everything through music and multi-media. We should be asking ourselves how do we bring the lost to church and make it acceptable for them to feel welcome and loved. Yes Music is not important to the saved and how we worship is only important that we praise God. Our worship is also about making the message appealing that the lost will want to come and feel like coming back. The bottom line is that like Paul I am concern that the church is trying to maintain status quo, that is our tradition, when the church is getting smaller and less relevant in today’s world.

This picture says spend less time on Facebook and more time in God’s word – that is a great message for believers, but non-believers spend a great deal of time on Facebook. So being on Facebook can be an instrument to leading the lost to Christ. Just remember to be prayerful and go where God leads you to teach and show the light of Christ to the world.


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