Weighing In

I haven’t been talking about my weight, because what is there to report… I weigh the same as I did a year ago when I came here.  1 year after arriving in DC – eating and dieting and exercising…. I weigh exactly what I did a year ago.

Don is here permanently and we are eating right and exercising some.  So now that we are on a regular schedule, we’ll see what happens, but Don has determined that my goals and focus must change.

So here is my new focus – good blood pressure readings (130/80 and below), Blood sugar readings, A1C below 7.0, and triglycerides in reasonable numbers….And of course feeling better.

I may be blogging more about how I feel then accomplishing numbers on a scale.  That has never worked for me anyway.

I feel deprived sometimes and yet – never starving to death…. I joke, but I could probably live months on my fat reserves.

So this morning – half a egg white sandwich from subway and coffee… and lunch (we’ll see).

Cathy Weighing In – Over and Ounce  

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