Old Pillows


I never knew I had so many old pillows until Don showed up and we found we had about 10 pillows.

I guess when we had 8 of us living at home, we did have a few more people and they didn’t apparently take pillows with them.

So how do you dispose of pillows?

So here are a few things I found out about old pillows:

*The best way to dispose of old pillows is to simply throw them out with the trash. They are not recyclable and there is no demand for them because of hygienic reasons.

*Remove pillow shams or pillowcases from the old pillows. Throw the coverings in the wash. Give pillows to humane society for animal use.
*Use the stuffing to add fluff a child’s stuffed animal, or make a new one
*Have a throw cushion that could use new stuffing? Use your old pillow!
*Use the stuffing to fluff out window valances
*Use it for a mat in that yoga class you’re taking as part of your New Year’s Resolution to get more fit
*Use pillow stuffing as “snow” for a festive holiday decoration
*Use pillow stuffing (or even the whole pillow) as packing material when you’re mailing gifts this holiday season
*Give gently used pillows to your local homeless shelter
*You should wash and dry your old pillows before recycling them

If you wash the pillows – you may find you want to keep them… but at least if you give them away – they will be as clean as possible for their new life.

Oh a heaven for a pillow!!!!!

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