Christians can hold Christians to a Higher Standard, but what about others

My friends – I totally agree with the writer of this article, but I go a step further by saying we cannot hold Non-Christians and the Un-Churched to the same standard that Christians live by.  Even one more step out on the limb, many of the rule books we use as Christians are not right either.

If something causes you to sin as a Christian – stay away.  If something you do causes your brother or sister to sin, stay away from it.  Everything in this world is created by God.

So if Miley is a Christian, then shame on her – because she may or may not realize she has reflected an image that is not Christ like and could caused someone else to stumble as well.  I really doubt the girl really knows about a relationship with Christ, but again – that is between her and God – not between her and me.  I pray that someone will show her the light of Christ and not a finger pointing hypocrite,  and makes her fall even farther from God.

So until she is in relationship, we cannot hold her to a higher standard.  We need to love her and tell her that there is a better way, a cooler way to receive God and eternal life.  If pleasure of this world is what you want, it is fleeting and will crumble, but God’s love is eternal.

Deut. 6:5 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.”



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