Downsizing is a good thing when it comes to your household goods.  I think that we were crazy to try to downsize our household in just a few days.

Don and I have been separated into two households, so now we have to go from a home of 3500 square feet to a 900 square feet.  I had to get rid of a kitchen table to make room for our dining room table and so we go on to making the best with less.

All of the decisions to downsize and yet we still have tons of stuff.  Can you imagine what it was like for the fisherman that Jesus said, Follow me and they dropped their nets and followed him.

Could we drop everything and leave it all behind to serve Christ?  Or would it be like – I cannot leave my Mom’s table or how can I give up my china.  I was going through ornaments that were ruined by water damage and I could have cried, but things are not as important as relationships.

So here we are in our new home of Alexandria, VA.  Don is here permanent and that is more important then having things.  We still have plenty of things to dust!  God is good and he brought us back together and to serve him.    So the adventure just keeps on going and oh yes – more household goods are being shipped here and arrive next week.

So are we dropping everything to serve God.  No – but someday – I’ll have to leave everything behind because none of us can take it with us.  Let’s focus on relationships this week and things we have become less important.

Let me know how it goes for you.


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