Colossians 1:3-14 – Thanksgiving and Praise to God’s Church

Paul is praying for the Colossea church.  He has not been there.  He is going from what he has been told about the spread of the gospel there by  Epaphras.  Paul calls him is fellow servant.    Epaphras is serving the church there and is ministering to the young Christians.   Paul is praying for their maturity and growth, he is seeing their spiritual growth in the fruit they are bearing.   He reminds them of their inheritance in Christ.  He wants them to grow in abundant knowledge of God and spiritual wisdom and understanding.   We were all rescued from the dark side and in Christ we have redemption of sin and a part of God’s kingdom.

Paul was writing these words to Praise them, encourage them and give thanksgiving for them.  They were working hard at becoming God’s children.   Do we encourage one another like Paul did.   Do we seek out a brother or sister and tell them of their great works or encourage them to work toward the goal or prize as Paul does.

I encourage you to read the words of Colossians 1:3-14 and realize Paul is talking to all of us who are Christ Jesus’ disciples.  

Pray and think about sharing the Good News this week and think about telling a fellow disciple that you are praying for their ministry and works.  It may just super charge their ministry.


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