Having Children

Having children didn’t prove to be an easy task for me and as many women can tell you, watching and seeing others having children is even more difficult.

I had my birth daughter and thought it would be easy for me to get pregnant once I was married.  Well seven years of trying made it very difficult and trying on our marriage, but finally the winter we moved to Tennessee, I found out I was pregnant and then a few weeks later in April – I was having twins.  I was so happy and believed God truly had blessed me.

Then the summer came and I felt wonderful, but very pregnant.  Then the doctor’s office called and said, that the ultrasounds were showing baby B getting smaller and not growing as fast.  What terrible news.  So I went down to the Hospital in Memphis.

They were going to take the twins – they thought they would do better out then in.  So 10 weeks premature – they prepped me for c-section.  It ended up I had to wait until the next day – 14 August.  So the morning of 14 August at 10:00, Baby A – Steven came and Baby B – John came, a little bit later.

Steven was having trouble breathing due to immature lungs, but with medication he would do well.  He came home from the hospital 14 days later.  John was breathing ok, but was having trouble with his lungs and heart.  Pulmonary hemorrhage and he was so very small 2 lbs 2 oz.   John did not travel home from the hospital for 39 days.  He actually made it home before my original due date, but he was coming home under 4 lbs and on an apnea monitor.   John had a rough first year and somehow he grew and survived it all, by the grace of God.  

Well the story only gets brighter over the years.   26 years later, John is a teacher in Reno, NV and getting his masters.   He is married to Alyse.   Steven is a preacher, his church is in Franklin, IL and he is completing his Master at Lincoln Seminary.  He is married to Chelsea.

Difficulties in life never stop you from going forward unless you let them.  We were told John would never walk normally or be able to play sports.  He was a normal kid and played soccer, baseball and basketball.    

I am writing this to celebrate there life and in someway celebrate the 26 years they have been a part of my life.

Thank you Sons for being the loving men I thought you would be.

Love Mom



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One Response to Having Children

  1. Jane says:

    I’m glad they are in our family too..Love you boy’s ( Men)

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