Those who follow me!!!

I know I do not have a lot of followers, but I do want to share something of my recent life.

Don was here for 6 weeks in June and July.  He went back in late July and I missed him a great deal, but knew he would be back here end of August.  He is coming back to DC area permanently.

We are trusting in God and he has lead us to this place and to our ministry here.  We believe God is really working on us to go to the Springfield church.

God is good, because we are able to ship more of our household goods and give the rest to our church in Milan.  We pray that any of our household items will be a blessing to someone else.  I also have to give away a few pieces of furniture here too.  So maybe someone is looking or needs the furniture.

So here I am sitting here this Saturday morning and waiting to go meet a few former co-workers from Rock Island.  They are also in the DC area now.  So it is a blessing to know that we can keep in touch.

God is good and awesome.  He led me to Springfield, he led me to my new job at the Air Force Reserve Office, he led me to meet and be with all kinds of people with my bus rides, train rides and whatever rides God wants me to take.

I will be starting a new blog series on Colossians.  Colossians is mini-ethics course, addressing every area of Christian life. Paul shows and progresses us from the individual life to the home and family, from work to the way we should treat others. The book is shows us the abundance of our Lord, Jesus Christ, in meeting our  needs in every area.

Hope you’ll be with me all the way.  4 Chapters and we’ll see how long it takes us to go through the text.  God bless.







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