Acts 25

The new governor that replaced Felix is named Festus.  Three days after he became governor he traveled to Jerusalem.  In Jerusalem the Jewish religious leaders met with Festus.  Read Acts 25:3. The unbelieving Jews still had Paul on their mind even after 2 years had passed.  They were still plotting to have Paul eliminated.

Festus told them if they wanted to accuse Paul of committing a crime they should travel with him to Caesarea.  In Caesarea he would have another trial to prove whether Paul had done anything wrong.

Acts 25:6-7 Once again Paul is surrounded by unbelieving Jews who are determined to have him killed.  They surround him and accuse him of serious crimes with no witnesses to prove that he actually did those things.

Read Acts 25:8.  Paul knew that his conscience was clear before God and man.

Festus was getting nowhere with this trial.  He knew that Paul had not committed any crime that he could be punished for.  He wanted to please the unbelieving Jews and do them a favor so he thought Paul might like to travel to Jerusalem and have another trial there.

The Holy Spirit gave Paul wisdom and the ability to remember God’s words to him.

Paul may have wondered why he had to travel to Rome as a prisoner.  He loved the Lord Jesus and had been obedient to share the Good News wherever he went.  He would have obediently traveled to Rome.  Whether Paul wondered why he had to be imprisoned or not, the Holy Spirit enabled him to be patient and trust God to use his life in the way He knew was best.  It was God’s plan for Paul to go to Rome and if it was God’s plan for him to go as a prisoner he would trust God.

A few days after the trial with Paul, King Agrippa and his sister Bernice visited Festus.  As Festus spent time with Agrippa during his visit he talked with him about his situation with Paul.  He explained that Paul had not been accused of any crimes that he would have expected.  He learned that the real issue that the Jews were accusing Paul about had to deal with a man named Jesus.

The next day King Agrippa and his sister came to hear Paul.  Festus brought Paul in and explained to King Agrippa once again that he could not find any crime that Paul had committed.  Since Paul asked to go to Rome he was going to send him to Rome.

We’ll pick up the rest of the story in Chapter 26.


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