What is Fate?



What is Fate?  Fate is something that will happen to us no matter what? Fate is something that happens with the decisions we make?  Fate is something we cannot change?  

Fate is a concept involving Time and circumstances, related to those about Destiny, both usually being associated with ideas of predestination,fatalism, or inevitable predetermination, but not necessarily so.  

Many a President or great leader has had the fate of their country on their shoulders.  Abe Lincoln had to make decisions that would change the fate of the United States.  These are things that are of great importance.

So what about my little bit of Fate.  Was it fate for me to take a job at the Pentagon and move without my husband and fate that changed our financial situation?  Was it fate that would force us to make decisions or not make decisions on the house in Rock Island?  You see was it fate that the government would force it’s civilians to be furloughed causing my financial situation to be even worse.    

You see even how my thinking was that this job would help me get promoted, yet if  would have stayed at First Army – I may or may not have been promoted, but had the opportunity to be promoted to a GS-11.  My ability to even apply was affected by the sequestration.  No jobs were offered outside the local commuting area.  So was it my fate not to be there or not to be able to try.

I think we make choices in our lives that cause us our fate.  Our fate can be governed by our own desires or by our desire to serve God.  You see the negative is easy to find, but I have many positive things that have happened to me over this last 10 months.

1) I have become more independent and able to function on my own

2) Don has been able to get along with the help of friends and church family – growing in relationship with them.

3) I have learned to be more dependent on public transportation and thus saving money and expenses on my car

4) The things that use to be important are less important

5) Time with Don is important to me.

6) We have been able to travel to Wright-Patterson, Harper’s Ferry, Baltimore, Washington DC, National Air Museum -Herndon, VA and across WV, PA, OH, IN, IL.

7) We will be downsizing

8) I am serving God in my new congregation and hopefully continue to grow the church of Christ.

In the end we will all face the same fate, “death” – but with Christ the sting of death is not so bad.  God makes it fate for us in Christ.  The fate of God’s disciples is that we will be in heaven.  We still face judgment, but if we are faith to God and serve him – we will be saved.  So whatever my fate is here on earth – it is my fate to serve God and love him.  Christ died on the cross for me and I am a believer and disciple.  I will serve him until the end of my fate on earth.  Then I’ll rejoice in heaven and sing his praises for eternity. 



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