July 8 – First Furlough Day

Today is my first furlough day… Now I could be working somewhere trying to earn money to replace the money I am losing for not working today.  I am instead relaxing watching a Marathon of TV shows – called “West-Wing,” which shows me that even I can waste my time.

I am actually going to the Doctor on my furlough day, which is crazy, but only appointment I could get and I need prescriptions refilled.

I am a modeled employee and thought it would be in the best interest of my employer to go to the doctor’s on my day off!!!

This West-Wing show not a total waste of time, it was very good, they had great writers.  My husband who was a former writer for POTUS can tell you some of this is very close to true.  If it is a closely kept secret, the bags out… both sides enter the White House without being prepared for the great thing they are about to do.  They just get to learn their ways around until there 8 years in the office and are not worried about re-election.

Here I am a low level federal employee furloughed because the government couldn’t find a little bit of money to deter the furlough.  I am low enough that this furlough will effect my ability to pay my bills and lower my food bill which is one of the only things I can lower.

Anyone else out there that is furloughed today, probably is spending their time much better then me…. but I did write this Blog!!!! and the Doctor will fill my prescriptions today… I may not be able to pay for them… but at least the Dr visit will be paid for… that is because I still have the $25.00 left to pay the Dr.


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