Going Grey or Gray….

No matter how I spell the word, I am going Grey…or going Gray.

I could be more English and say I am letting my hair colour become grey!

Grey or Gray is considered a very neutral color, which goes with everything.  So there is one plus for going Grey.  The second reason would be the expense of coloring.  I decided that when I realized I was being furloughed, I needed to cut corners.  So one of my corners is to let my hair go to a natural colour or color.  Grey apparently is natural, because it is coming in my leaps and bounds.

Studies of mice has shown that they can ward off gray hair with exercise, stress seems to increase the growth of gray hair, but this hasn’t transitioned over in to human studies.  So my exercise program isn’t going to change to keep the natural/non natural color I have had for the last 30+ years.   My stress level hasn’t seemed to increase it either.  I am just running on genetics and family at my age all were gray for the except of those who dried their hair.

Something else I just read says that the best colors for people with gray hairs – You don’t need to restrict your wardrobe to that color family, but black, white, shades of gray, and jewel tones (ruby red, sapphire blue, and deep purples) are your best bets.   That is the majority of m wardrobe, so I guess that is another plus reason.

I have several relatives and friends that have people gray hair.  Jane and LaNese are my best mentors.  LaNese has beautiful long hair and is very attractive.  Jane has short hair and looks beautiful and with her glasses looks so wise.

So no matter the number of reasons – I am going grey and I am looking forward the future.

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