What does it Mean to be God’s Servant

Today – I met Audra and another young lady with her baby on public transportation.  First on the train I saw a very crowded commuter bus to Huntington and almost was tempted not to get on, but I’d have to wait 30 minutes when I got to Huntington.  So I jumped on knowing I would have to stand for at least a few stops until most of the folks would file off.

As soon as the doors open, I heard babies crying.  Actually two were crying, but one rather loudly almost in front of me.  So as the train became less crowded, I was able to sit down.  I tried to play my games on my phone, when it hit me… look up a cartoon and maybe this little two year old will stop crying.  I didn’t want the mother to be upset by my actions, but I picked up my phone and moved to her side and showed the little girl the cartoon.  It was actually the “Twas the Night Before Christmas” told by mice.  It didn’t really matter – it was a moving picture and it occupied the little girl for 3 stops.  The mother thanked me as I got off.

God bless you I said.

Then as I am waiting for my bus, I met Audra.  Now I had seen Audra at Curves and on the bus before, but really hard to pay attention to people while you are playing games on your phone.  But this time, we were waiting and the lightening was striking and thunder was roaring and Audra said, that she wasn’t scared.  She probably is about 40 and mentally challenged in some way, but she manages on her own.  She said she was going to Curves and I said, I was going to Curves too.  So when I got on the bus, she sat right next to me.  She wanted to see my phone and see the game I was playing.  I let her play and showed her how it was like golf.  She really enjoyed the game and it was hard to get her to stop, but finally I was firm and said, we are almost to Curves time to turn off the phone and game.

We walked into Curves right before the storm let loose.  We worked out and Audra was funny, because I changed my clothes and she didn’t recognize me, but as soon as I said, I am Cathy she knew me.   We exercised and when she was finished she asked if she could leave with me.  I said that would be great.  So we walked to the stop, this time right after the rain stopped.

Audra told me that sometimes people act like a dog around her and bark.  She asked me if I thought that was funny.  I told her it could be funny, but in my heart, I bet the folks were teasing her and it rolled right off her.  God bless her.  So we road to my stop together and she told me that she lived up the road and had to change buses.  I told her I would see her again and have a  good weekend.

I truly feel blessed today, by my new friends. Thank you Lord for putting people in my life and that I can bring joy to, but more importantly they gave me joy.

Audra’s last words to me were, Okay, Cathy have a great weekend too.

One more of the One Thousand Gifts from God.


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