Truth and Honesty in our Friends and Family

I truly am blessed with truth tellers in my life and family.

The other day my post on Stress and Weight Gain, I was dumping my feelings and thoughts and my sister was angered by this.  She was right, if I am a follower of Christ, and I truly believe I am living my life for him and doing what he wants me to do.  Then why am I feeling any stress and anxiety.  Well as a believe, I sometimes fall and I sometimes do not rely on the Lord to comfort me in those times.

She told me that I made choices and didn’t I have a plan when I started on this journey.  Well I did have a plan, but they were a few things I didn’t know when I began in August 2012.  So to my defense – I didn’t have all the facts when I was making decisions.  I also didn’t know that Don wouldn’t be able to move here within the first 6 months. But to her defense – she is so right.  If we are serving God and believing in him – then we should have no anxiety in our daily lives.

I also wrote in the article now stress affects our bodies, and results of exercise and eating right can help you to lower those stress hormones.  So God is so very good and he leads us to the truth.  So the truth is that God will never leave us, but we leave him and then feel deserted.  We should always turn to him and focus on him each and every day of our lives.


Acts 20:21

I have declared to both Jews and Greeks that they must turn to God in repentance and have faith in our Lord Jesus.   
How am I going to draw people to Christ, if I am floundering in my faith.  So I thank my sister for her words.  She is living her life for Christ and the light of Christ shines in her.
As a fellow Christian – try and keep friends and family close to you that also believe.  They will help keep you focusing on Christ and his path for you to lead.
Love you Jane.
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2 Responses to Truth and Honesty in our Friends and Family

  1. Rhea Geronzin says:

    Cathy, God only lights enough of our path to see the next step. The worst that can happen is we stumble and fall, but He is always there to catch us.

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