Acts 16

In a small way, this Chapter tells us of Paul adopting Timothy and taking him with him to Macedonia. He had Timothy circumcised so that the Jews he was preaching to in Lystra and Iconium would feel comfortable, knowing that Timothy’s father was a Greek. While in these communities they established the churches and they grew in size with more and more people coming to the faith. Paul was Timothy’s spiritual Father and he accompanied both Paul and Silas to Philippi.

Lydia was a business women, who came to the faith and her whole household was baptized. She didn’t have to wait or make an appointment, as soon as she realized she believed and was ready to follow the teachings of Jesus, she and her household were baptized. Lydia becomes a strong member of the church and we’ll read more about her later in this chapter.

Paul and Silas saw a young slave girl who was predicting the future and followed them for several days. Paul was annoyed by her constant yelling. So they drove the spirit out of the girl and her masters were very upset. She apparently earned a great deal of money for her predictions and now she was unable to earn money for her owners. So the owners went to the authorities and ask that Paul and Silas be arrested.

They were flogged and put into prison, but in prison they sang and worshiped God and in the night a earthquake broke the walls of the prison and freed their chains, but the jailer was upset and was about to kill himself thinking that he would be killed by the authorities if they realized all the prisoners were gone. Paul was not gone and he told the jailer not to harm himself. The jailer asked Paul how he could be saved. Paul said “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. So the jailer and his household were baptized.

The Roman officers came to escort them out of the city, but Paul asked that the authorities come themselves. They were beaten in public and they wanted to be publicly released. When the learned they were Roman cities, they were alarmed, and came and escorted them out and asked to leave the city, but they went to Lydia’s home. Here they spent time encouraging the brothers and sisters before leaving Philippi.

The more I can tell the story in my own words, the more I will remember the lessons and be able to share them with others. May God bless my story telling. This lesson is the growth of the church throughout the world. No matter what we need to carry the good news to all.


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